J James Scott


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Artist statement

My practice is built around an expressive and spontaneous response to objects and situations, producing work in a bold, process driven manner. The painterly result is fractured by the accidental and never denies its own development. My aim is to create images that move away from mere literal description, towards fundamentally instinctive renderings that offer the opportunity for dialogue.

As a painter, a deliberately limited palette of bold colours contributes to a raw simplicity which is augmented by the frequent choice of reclaimed or 'found' surfaces and my willingness to embrace non-traditional artist's implements such as home-made scrapers and tools more readily associated with the building trade.

The subjects that I choose are governed by instinctive reaction aided by a healthy element of chance. We are immersed in an everyday bounty of subjects that offer the possibility of empathetic connection which can form a conduit for those small histories that are often lost amidst the clatter of grand narratives. The pictures I make communicate a very personal reaction to a stimulus, but I endeavour to leave adequate space for the imaginative interpretation of the viewer.

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