It's all over..

Wednesday evening and it’s all over; the work is back in the studio and the post elation sag is setting in. After all those months of planning, apprehension and frustration, I can’t believe it’s history, gone, but a good memory.

The last day was a surprise. It was the quietest, not quite making the footfall of the two other weekdays; the weather wasn’t as good so that may have had an affect but who knows? On the up-side there was constructive interest in my work from a private collector and an approach that might lead to a publishing opportunity. Both could come to nothing – encouraging none the less. Discussing my work with visitors also came easier and provided some beneficial feedback.

Collaborating with Sarah on this exhibition worked really well. Our skill sets are complimentary, our work related, sitting compatibly side by side rather than in conflict, but we are both low on the curatorial learning curve. This is not to suggest that we didn’t have disagreements, but all exchanges were constructive. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again.

Thanks must go to tutor Emma for all her advice and support and to my long suffering family, who’s encouragement pushed me over the line. And, of course, there was my sister Joy’s determination that Trace2018 would go ahead.

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