One WEEK to go!

Stuff happens (I use the word ‘stuff’ to replace an earthier emotion, one perhaps more apt). Six months out from a show one feels mere panic about baring one’s soul in the name of art; there is no conception of how noises off might obstruct the journey, how the only certainty beyond taxes might come into play. The advice I’m trying to give to anyone approaching an exhibition is always be aware that some unexpected distraction might occur and to be prepared to be flexible if the show is going to happen.

With just one week to go, I’m getting back on track and re-engaging with my collaborator Sarah. Fortunately, the prep was fairly well advanced and today we signed off the catalogue, which was always going to be pretty last minute anyway. We opted for a simple plan and key layout with individual intros to our practices. The all important minor details such as comestibles for the private view (are canapés pretentious? Yes), where the sales table (here’s hoping) will go and who’s bringing the tea and milk have been nailed down.

In the studio it’s all been about how to pack the work for transit, have I got all the tools, hanging paraphernalia and so on. In the background the online promo continues, and the last-minute emails go out. Sarah’s got us some local newspaper coverage and I’m hoping my local paper will follow-through with their promise of some column inches.

With the promo stationery now complete (postcards, flyers, catalogue etc) I’m now itching to get to the hanging stage, which I hope will be straight-forward. There are unknowns of course; the main installation in room 1 will be unique to the venue so, despite studio trial runs, it will be an ‘alla prima’ performance on the day. One concern is the effect of the gallery illumination – I’ve seen it, but not in conjunction with this body of work. On site visits I noticed some fluctuation of light values with some less well lit ‘puddles’, which it might be possible to correct with the adjustment of fittings. I have tried to factor this in as much as possible at the planning stage, but the proof will only become apparent when the work goes up.

My daughter will be helping with the hang and Sarah will be on hand, so we can bounce ideas off one another. Looking forward to the pint in the pub down the road when it’s all up!

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