Phoney war

Feels a bit like a phoney war at the moment; preparations for June are ploughing ahead, invites have gone out, posters are up, work is being completed and prepared for installation. On the side-lines, a great pile of unknowns look on – will the gallery hanging system work okay with the panels and the hanging box? (research tells me it should); will the installation for the first room ‘fill’ the space? Is there enough work? Is there too much work? (the latter being easier to resolve than the former!)

The solution for all the above anxiety is to make stuff, some for the show, some not. Despite the focus on June and the excitement, I can see forward to the new work that will come out of it. The current body of work will crystallise in a few weeks giving me the freedom to move on with the fresh ideas that it has spawned.

Back to the task in hand and the many challenges: what is the best way to hang unstretched canvas without a stretcher? Have I purchased enough hanging rings? Have the musicians confirmed the start time for the private view?

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