Two days to go!

Two days out from opening, three days out from study day/private view… only one day away from the hang. Just want to get on with it now; the collaborative position (me & Sarah) is that it “will be fine”.

Preparing and printing the catalogues was like a rite of passage; all I have to do now is to construct the spectacle out of the storeroom of my mind. It will be good to be doing something practical again rather than glorified admin. The ‘hang’ will be a kind of performance and key elements of the show will only be made the day before we open – not just the organisation of places and spaces but the assemblage of the collected root-source of this body of work. A dozen or so cardboard crates line the studio wall, each one containing the scavenged harvest of many months, a continuous yet seasonal abundance that crops best in winter and bears meagre fruit during the longer days.

The obsessive accumulation of gloves is something that my wife hopes will be discontinued come Thursday week. Maybe. If anyone planning a visit wants to contribute to a work of art, all donations will be welcome! I can’t see this as the end though, just a stage on the evolutionary road to another interpretation. Time will tell.

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